Choosing a Location For Your Hotel in Costa Rica

Find the location type that best suits your lifestyle needs when buying and investing in a hotel operation in Costa Rica.

If you're considering buying a hotel in Costa Rica, there's a multitude of things to think about, like... what's your budget? what's your hotel experience? what's your desired lifestyle? do you plan to live and work there? is it strictly an investment? But one of the first questions you have to consider, perhaps past your budget, is location. Yes, the old real estate adage applies here, "The 3 most important things to consider when purchasing real estate is location, location and location." Well when considering what hotel operation to invest in, no truer words have been spoken.

Though Costa Rica is a relatively small county, it's full of varying climates, altitudes, eco-systems, micro-climates and population densities. All these factors figure into where one would set up a hotel operation that suits their budget, lifestyle, and of course, profitability. Let's discuss...

Urban Areas

Costa Rica has only a few densely populated urban areas like Santa Cruz or Liberia up north in Guanacaste, or San Isidro in Puntarenas in the southern zone, but they all pale in comparison to the Central Valley, home to the capital, San Jose.

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Mountain & Rural Areas

Mountain & volcano view hotels for sale in Costa RicaHotels in Costa Rica thrive around the 5 active volcanos, the 3 mountain ranges that surround the Central Valley & everywhere the coastal mountains spill into the sea.

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Beach Vicinity

With miles and miles of beautiful, underdeveloped coast line, it's no surprise that virtually every beach town has a few hotels in or around it. From the eastern Caribbean coast to the amazing Osa Peninsula in South Pacific Coast, further north to Manual Antonio, Jaco Beach, the Nicola Peninsula and the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica has many great choices.

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